Iqbal Town Hospital

Iqbal Town Branch

Bajwa Hospital Allama Iqbal Town operating since 2012, provides 24 hours emergency services and is backed by Operation Theater equipped with the latest technology. Availability of Labour Room, Nursury, Neonatal ICU, Medical ICU, Dialysis, and well-equipped clinical indoor & outdoor departments.

The diagnostic department provides 24-hour services for all clinical departments. Cardiology, Surgery, Obstetrics, Gynae, ENT, Physiotherapy, and Pediatrics are the flagship departments for many years.

We Provide care and treatment in ICU to complicated cases round the clock at economical rates thus avoiding financial burden on the patients. it is Equipped with Ventilator. There is a facility of pelvic ultrasounds i.e, abdominal (trans abdominal) and vaginal (transvaginal/tvs) being done by the experts. Available Laparoscopic and Thoracic Surgeries both are being performed by well-qualified gynecologists.

The hospital has a well-equipped blood bank and Diagnostic facilities, like Laboratory that is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Bajwa Hospital is committed to the provision of quality healthcare for the patients where more doctors, Nurses, Paramedical staff, and support staff work to ensure patients care. The Hospital is supported by excellent pharmacy and ambulance services which are available for all patients 24/7.

We Care and we are very much concerned regarding the health and safety of our all patients as healing touch, a warm smile, a kind word of a doctor, a nurse and paramedical staff ensure additional emotional support.

The best quality health care including access to top-class facilities, precise diagnosis, and specialists treatment also ensures a speedy recovery.

We are highly committed to providing cost-effective treatment to all by utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

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